Enclosed Server Cabinet with Fan Kit
74 Cat5e Data Cables
74 Cat5e Voice Cables
2 Cat5e DMARC Extensions
2 Cat5e Wireless Access Points
1 RG6 Coax Cable for TV
4 48-Port Cat5e Patch Panels
5 Horizontal Wire Managers


Cable Tray/ Basket for Open Ceiling Concept
75 Cat5e Cables
7′ 2-Post Data Rack with Wire Management
2 48-Port Cat5e Patch Panels
3 Horizontal Wire Managers
2 Vertical Wire Managers
NEC Aspire Telephone System + Relocation

Redbird Flight Simulations

148- Cat5e Data Cables
3- 48port Cat5e Patch Panel
Wire Managers, Cable Tray, Data Rack
NEC SV8100 Telephone System

Catapult Systems

124 Cat5e Data Cables
3 48-Port Cat5e Patch Panels

Criteria Labs

160ea. Cat5e Data Cables
4ea. 48port Cat5e Patch Panels
2ea. Floor Mount Data Racks
NEC SV8100 Telephone System