Carrier Services in Central Texas & Beyond: How a Master Agent Can Help You?

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“Carrier Services” may be the most difficult and frustrating part of running your business. With only a few providers available in your business, all of them with millions of users, many all across the world, how are you ever to know you are receiving the best possible customer service and Quality of Service? Engaging with a Master Agent, like Telco Data, not only ensures you receive the most competitive numbers with the best service, but also spares you the scheduling and coordination headaches.

In the Austin Area you have tons of providers to choose from: AT&T, Grande Communications, Spectrum Business, CenturyLink, Altice (SuddenLink), Google, Windstream, Vonage, Momentum Telecom, and more. Each of these companies, unlike Telco Data, is a mass machine of technicians, sales staff, coordinators and more. Often the personal touch gets lost in translation. When you engage with Telco Data, you will work with a dedicated Sales Associate and Estimator throughout the process. Not only will they do the research for you, but they will ensure that the information informs any other scopes of work (i.e. if you want cable TV, you’ll need coax cable installed as well).

Once Telco Data has signed you with the best voice & data carrier services available in your space, we’ll ensure the installation runs smoothly. Our Project Coordinators will make sure any phone or data cabling work needed prior to installation occurs, so as not to delay your timeline.

After your installation, Telco Data can also facilitate circuit monitoring via the Telarus Back Office. This web-based portal allows your IT staff to live monitor the service you are receiving, giving you the power to control your QoS. Additionally, Telco Data has the power to open and escalate tickets on your behalf, negotiate future contracts, troubleshoot circuit/cabling compatibility, and ensure that any future growth/changes are upgraded seamlessly.

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