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Need an affordable business VoIP solution that lets you work from anywhere? If you’re still using a traditional PBX phone system, it might be time to ditch the PSTN landline and office phone. Dialpad’s all-in-one unified communications platform gives you phone calls, SMS/MMS messaging, and video meetings—all in one app.

With Dialpad, you get phone calls, video conferencing, and SMS/MMS + team messaging—all in one intuitively designed app.

Dialpad is one of the best wireless business phone systems for businesses that have distributed teams and customers around the world. Powered by its unique flavor of VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) technology and advanced features and functionality, it’s the best alternative to traditional phone systems.

Learn about what features to look for in a VoIP phone service, and how businesses are using Dialpad as an all-in-one communications platform that includes an enterprise VoIP phone system.

Dialpad Features

Dialpad is a unified communications platform that lets your team connect through calls, videos, messages, and online meetings while providing a list of advanced features to streamline your company’s communication. With fast and easy setup, useful tools to address challenges, and extreme reliability, Dialpad is ready to help you tackle any issues in communication to help improve overall efficiency and productivity in your business and your employees.

Contact Center Analytics

Contact center analytics allow your company to collect important information pertaining to nearly every aspect of your operations like call volume, call duration, and performance of agents on the actual call. The benefits of tracking these analytics can help to reduce call volume, improve average handle time, identify areas where training may be needed, and help boost in service-to-sales conversions. By using these data driven methods, you open up new opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Dialpad Talk

With technology changing the way companies operate, it becomes important for employees to be able to stay connected, especially when they’re away from their desks and on the go. Dialpad Talk lets you easily switch between your devices so your team can make the most of their time and keep everyone on the same page. This feature allows you to pull up past conversations easily by searching via name or keyword mentioned in a text or chat so you don’t have to listen to a full recording to help save time.

Ai Powered CSAT

With Dialpad’s SMS Surveys, and Ai generated customer satisfaction, you can accurately gauge you customers experience whenever you need. Since Dialpad has studied and implemented thousands of customer conversations into their system, it allows for the program to improve itself over time to truly deep dive into the details to improve customer satisfaction. Another great part of this feature is that Interactive Voice Response rates will rise from 5% up to 100% because it uses the combination of SMS surveys and Ai predictions.

What is business VoIP?

VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is the technology that lets you have voice calls over the Internet—without the need for a traditional phone network.

“Business VoIP” refers to—you guessed it—VoIP being used in the specific context of business and work.

Some folks are experimenting with using VoIP at home too, which can be cheaper than having a traditional phoneline—but the really impactful benefits and cost-savings become apparent when it’s a business using VoIP.

Requiring only a stable internet connection, VoIP essentially converts an analog signal (like your voice) into a digital signal that’s sent over Wi-Fi (or increasingly, a 5G network)—which ultimately means a company can make phone calls with customers, prospects, and teammates all around the world at a much cheaper rate.

Long story short, VoIP is a secure and flexible alternative that’s ideal for small businesses and large global organizations—pretty much companies of any size.

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Why use Dialpad for your VoIP service?

It scales with you

With a VoIP phone service like Dialpad, you get set up much more quickly than with a traditional phone system. Plus, it grows with your business while preventing overbuying or overprovisioning of services (which also helps you cut costs). Add—and remove—users as you grow or adjust staffing, manage your phone numbers, and more, right in your online dashboard.

No hardware

You don’t need hardware to make VoIP calls with Dialpad, which makes things cheaper and more convenient. Dialpad releases features directly to you, with no server maintenance or IT involvement, and your employees don’t have to re-learn the software repeatedly. Just use your existing mobile devices, IP desk phones, and computers.

Robust security

Not only do you have in-call security controls like the ability to mute participants, remove unwanted guests, and more, Dialpad also has robust encryption and security standards. It’s used by businesses and organizations across highly regulated industries like law, healthcare, real estate, and more.

Crystal clear call quality

Dialpad’s unique split cloud architecture lets you make high-definition phone calls across different devices, from around the world, and long-distance rates are cheaper too. (The more amazing thing is that Dialpad can provide crystal-clear call quality with fewer data centers compared to other VoIP phone providers because we’ve designed our telephony system more efficiently.)

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Dialpad is the unified cloud communications platform providing a seamless experience for AI-powered calling, conferencing and contact centers from a single, secure application. Dialpad’s proprietary AI, Voice Intelligence (Vi), improves the value of calls and meetings by transcribing and analyzing each conversation in real time, revealing sentiment, providing coaching, and collecting action items.

Every user becomes more efficient, effective, and more engaged with co-workers, customers or business partners. And with detailed analytics from every meeting and interaction, companies get actionable insights to deliver better business outcomes. Built on a split cloud architecture for unmatched security, reliability, and flexibility, Dialpad is simple to deploy, easy to maintain, integrate and scale – always available on any device, from anywhere. Dialpad is designed to fit every workstyle and is a smarter way to work.

Introduction to Dialpad

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Contact Center Analytics
Dialpad Call Features

FAQs About Dialpad VoIP Phone System

When you’re a solopreneur or very small business, you might be able to get away with using a consumer app like WhatsApp or even a very basic small business phone service like Grasshopper.

But one of the biggest differences between these tools and more robust business VoIP systems is that the latter comes with more advanced phone features like built-in analytics, unified communications, and other functionality—things that are essential to businesses once they reach a certain size.

Yes, the fact that some of these tools are “free” is a big incentive, but unified communications (UCaaS) solutions can be very cost-effective because they can consolidate a lot of tools into one. Instead of paying for one video conferencing app and another messaging app and another phone app, you’d only have to pay for—and manage—one solution.

PBX is an older type of telephony technology that features on-premises hardware and traditional landlines. On the other hand, when people say “VoIP,” they’re usually referring to phone systems that work over the Internet.

But today, things have gotten pretty muddy because many old-school PBX providers have tried to evolve their technology to become “cloud PBX,” “hosted PBX,” or “VoIP” systems. RingCentral, for example, is a legacy business phone system provider that started during the PBX days, but has tacked on new technologies to its old platform to work over the Internet. On the front end, it very much looks like any other VoIP business phone system or UCaaS platform. It’s in the back-end where things are less flexible and harder to change (which tends to affect things like scalability and how quickly they can incorporate new software or features, for instance), especially when you compare them to cloud-native solutions. Learn more the differences and nuances around VoIP and PBX in this guide.

The average cost of a phone service for small businesses will vary depending on the company’s size, how many users there are, and which pricing plan you go with. Dialpad Talk’s lowest plan starts at only $15 per user per month, for example, and is comparable to other small business phone services like Vonage and Ooma Office, except both Vonage and Ooma Office treat many basic features, like voicemail transcription, like add-ons that tack on an extra cost.

The difference is that Dialpad is much more scalable and can comfortably serve mid-size and enterprise organizations too, so if your small business has big growth plans, that’s something to keep in mind.

There’s also the Dialpad for Startups program, which helps early-stage companies grow with business phone lines and video conferencing. The program offers 10 free seats of Dialpad Talk Pro (business lines) and 10 free seats of Dialpad Meetings’ Business plan (professional video conferencing).

Absolutely. Unlike some providers, which resell or whitelabel contact center solutions from third parties, Dialpad Ai Contact Center is fully integrated with its unified communications product.

That means your customer support or sales team can get all the functions they need to best serve your customers and prospects while staying connected with the rest of your business.

Say, for example, that one of your team members takes a call from a customer with a very specific and complex question. With Dialpad’s unified communication solution, they can send an instant message to a manager to get an answer quickly in the same app through which they took the customer call.

You can mix and match licenses too, which is great for small businesses because contact center licenses are more expensive, and you may only have one or a few people on your team who need to manage those high-volume customer calls and other external communications.

From single sign-on capabilities to compliance with GDPR, SOC2 Type II, and HIPAA, Dialpad is used by businesses and organizations in regulated industries like healthcare, law, education, insurance, and more.

There are integrations for access management via SAML and SCIM from providers like Azure, Google Workspace, OneLogin, Okta, and more.

Dialpad is also a proud member of the Cloud Security Alliance. Learn more about how we keep your business communications safe and secure.

For most small businesses, getting set up with Dialpad is easy and can be done in minutes. Both admins and users will have access to web and live chat support (plus 24/7 phone support if you’re on the Pro plan), in addition to an online Help Center that can walk you through tasks (like setting up voicemail and call management features).

If you have an especially complicated setup—which is rare with small businesses—our Professional Services team is here to help.

Typically with SaaS phone system providers, the higher tiers give you more advanced features, more readily available customer support, and integrations. Usually, these are functions that a small business is unlikely to use.

Dialpad’s plans are pretty comprehensive even at the basic level, with unlimited calling, toll-free number support, auto-attendants, HD call quality, and more.

Often, small businesses can go through rapid growth spurts. When you add lots of phone lines with a traditional PBX system, the cost can quickly add up. Long-distance phone calls, especially international calls, can also be a significant monthly expense.

On the other hand, with a hosted VoIP phone system, small businesses pay a flat monthly fee regardless of how many calls are made, can add new users and phone lines without tacking on hardware or other costs, and generally can scale up or down much more flexibly.

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