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Most of our clients want to see two phone system options from us: a premise-based phone system vs. a VOIP phone system. Pricing out these two options for clients typically boils down to one factor: monthly recurring cost. When pricing out premise-based versus cloud-based phone system options, keep in mind that after all the hardware is paid off – what is the client left paying for their monthly services?

If the monthly dial tone bill is less than the monthly VOIP bill then the lowest cost decision would be the premise-based phone system with a PRI dial tone. If the monthly cost of the VOIP was actually less than the monthly PRI bill, then the VOIP phone system solution would be the best fit. All that being said, we must remember that some clients are more VOIP ready than others.

Clients should consider the following factors of going VOIP:

  • Do you have Cat5e or Cat6 wiring to each workstation?
  • Do you have POE switches or will you have to use the power adapters for each phone?
  • Do you have an in-house IT associate that will manage the system or do you use an outside vendor?
  • Do you have a router in place with QOS capabilities?
  • What bandwidth speeds do you pay for and are they dedicated (fiber) or best effort (coax)?

In the below example you can see that this client’s monthly dial tone bill for a PRI is actually $151.65 less than what their monthly VOIP services bill would be. Typically, before or around 36 months, customers can expect to see ROI on their premise-based phone system purchase. Notice in the below example, this client saw their ROI before 36 months.

Going VOIP

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