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Congratulations! You’ve selected Telco Data for your next business phone system and structured cabling installation. Hopefully, you also lowered your telecom carrier bill by using Telco Data as a master agent. But what else may you need? Here is a list of other scopes of work Telco Data can assist to complete:

  1. Audio/Visual Installation

Possible applications: relocating existing TVs/mounts, purchasing new TVs/Projectors/mounts, adding HDMI from AV to user, adding HDMI/Data for digital signage throughout office, adding media converters for HDMI/VGA/3.5 connection, room schedulers/iPads for conference rooms, ClickShare for wireless presentation, cable boxes, sound masking/white noise, Bluetooth speakers, webcams, microphones, etc

  1. Cell Signal Boosting

Possible applications: generally installed by the tenant, cell phone boosting systems bring the outside signal inside. Perfect for allowing your BYOD users to make calls & serf the web. Ensure safety and reliability. See “Cell Phone Boosting: A BYOD Requirement” for more information on available systems.

  1. Networking Device Installation

Possible applications: mounting of Wireless Access Points (WAP), mounting switches/UPSs/PDUs, patching of all server equipment, design assistance for Power Distribution Units, relocation of existing hardware, safe storage of existing hardware throughout installations, etc.

  1. Demolition of your future or old space

Possible applications: often required in your TI agreement/lease, leaving the space empty or prepping a new space for installation may require an expert eye. Technicians demo rack equipment, low-voltage communications wiring, all while ensuring no building/fire/carrier cabling is damaged.

  1. Security Cabling Installation

Possible applications: Security vendors often prefer or expect another vendor to design/install the infrastructure for their hardware. Telco Data can run the network and access control wiring, facilitate design meetings, pair you with reliable Security vendors in the Austin Area, and ensure you cover all your security bases.

At Telco Data, we believe customer services means more than just installing our product. We believe that as your chosen vendor, we must also walk you thru your installation to ensure nothing has been missed. If we cannot complete a request, we will research, recommend and introduce partner contractors who can. Together we will bring you and your business to the finish line.

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