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Expansive data center. Telco Data provides structured cabling solutions to data center clients.

Trust the Structured Cabling Experts

Data centers are complex and diverse. A solid structured cabling infrastructure is needed for peak functionality, performance, and to give your organization the opportunity to grow. Additionally, data centers require many devices to be interconnected with redundant connections to prevent downtime. This means a high quantity of connections from point to point – don’t get caught in a web of cables.

Telco Data will examine your project and provide you with a wire management solution to help you organize your structured cabling needs. Proper wire management in a data center will reduce downtime when replacing or servicing network equipment and maintaining a reduced footprint. Additionally, it will increase the overall return on investment by decreasing the need for maintenance.

Telco Data has assisted Wind Energy Transmission of Texas (WETT), Activision, Homesite Builder, National Western Life and many more. Our team will work with you to understand how to best utilize your space, organize your server cabinets, and maintain proper airflow. Telco Data’s services included MDF rack installations, point-to-point fiber, and copper patching, and racking and stacking network equipment.

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