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In addition to providing high-quality services to our commercial clientele, Telco Data aims to be a thought leader in the space of structured cabling. 

A man holds a phone with a sparkly graphic of a cloud emanating from it.

Still Using Premise-Based Phones? Why It’s Time to Switch to the Cloud!

If you haven’t begun the switch to cloud-based systems, now’s the time to start, because premise-based services won’t be available for much longer.
Woman with a tablet that has a graphic of an interconnected workplace.

Are Cloud Phone Systems and VoIP The Same Thing?

For all intents and purposes, cloud phone systems and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems pretty much provide you with the same phone system functionality.
Graphic of a man pushing an orange button with the text "VoIP".

Growing Your Small Business With A Cloud Phone System

Cloud phone systems can not only open up new avenues of business to small businesses, but it can also save them money in a range of ways.
Close-up of an online meeting happening with 6 people on the screen.

SIP vs. VoIP vs. PBX – What’s the Difference?

The best way to understand SIP, PBX, and VoIP is not to compare them side-by-side as if they were three different communication directions.
Graphic of a server with an icon of a phone and the headline "VoIP".

How Much Does a VoIP Phone System Cost in 2023?

How Much Does a VoIP Phone System Cost? Compared to your old legacy phone system, you can expect to save money when installing a VoIP phone system.
Graphic showing the meaning of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

What is VoIP and How Does It Work?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is, as the name implies, a set of technologies for transmitting voice communications over the internet.
Graphic depicting the functionality of a cloud-based communications system.

5 Benefits of A Cloud Communication System

At Telco Data, we offer a wide variety of cloud based VOIP phone systems to businesses in Austin, Texas. Contact us for help with your organization’s platform, or to request a quote.
Telco Data blog title image showing the pros and cons of WiFi vs. Ethernet.

WiFi 6 vs. Ethernet – Which One is Best for Your Office?

If you have to cut costs in your construction budget, perhaps focusing on direct connections for only those users who need fast data transfer is the right approach.
Telco Data blog title image with text "Types of Cable Connectors".

Types of Cable Connectors

Why not let us at Telco Data take all hassle out of having your structured network cabling system installed – just give us a call at 512-977-0505 and one of our trained technicians will be happy to help you.
Blog title image showing a CAT6A cable and a CAT6A Slim cable.

Cat6A vs Cat6A Slim – What is the difference?

Cat6A vs Cat6A Slim. What is the difference and what are the benefits? Check Out What Makes A Slim CAT6A Cable Special.

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