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Why Invest in a Sound Masking System?

Privacy in the office space is not only a comfort and efficiency factor for employees, but also improves company privacy.

  • Cubicle setups risk overheard (or worse, misheard) information
  • Important meetings are less productive with the fear of being too loud
  • Employees are limited in their communication by fear of bothering those around them or drawing too much attention.

Whether your office is a busy collaboration hub, or outside noises cause annoyance and disturbance, a sound masking system can help. This tool can boost the comfort of your employees, protect their privacy, and reduce distractions that impact operational efficiency.

Sound masking systems work by manipulating ambient noise, rather than overcoming it. Speakers are mounted on the ceiling of your office space in a specific configuration. They emit a frequency that, when calibrated correctly, disrupts the sound of human speech and other noises.

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The Advantages of Sound Masking Systems

No matter how large or small your business is, it’s likely that one of your main goals is growth and scalability. Though there are many factors that impact your organization’s ability to grow and scale, the productivity of your employees is a major one. In an office space, it can be easy to lose focus when ambient noise is all around you – all the time. Sound masking systems from Telco Data significantly reduce the impact of ambient noise with custom-designed solutions.

Plus, all sound masking systems installed by Telco Data include a user-friendly interface that allows you to adjust the output of the sound as necessary, creating the maximum level of comfort in your office space.

Minimize Distractions & Boost Productivity

It’s a known fact that one of the pillars of improving company efficiency and productivity is eliminating as many distractions as possible – sound masking systems work to do just that.

Additionally, open concept offices have become a more and more common trend, which can actually lead to more distractions – room acoustics allow noise to bounce off of not just the ceiling, but also the walls, creating a constant buzz that employees can find incredibly distracting.

Graphic depicting sound masking systems custom installed in an office to minimize noise.
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Sound Masking System Solutions FAQs

Is sound masking safe?

Yes, sound masking is completely safe. It does not “listen” to the surrounding sounds, so there are no privacy concerns. It can even improve privacy in offices where confidential information must be protected, such as HIPAA-related concerns.

Sound masking systems are affordable. In most cases, purchasing and installing a sound masking system will cost about $1.00-3.00 per square foot of office space. Get a free custom quote from Telco Data to find out how much it will cost for you.

Yes! It doesn’t eliminate noise, but it certainly dampens it. Sound masking is not the same as active noise cancelling, but it works very well to reduce the noise in an office environment for the purposes of privacy and productivity.