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Give your employees the comfort of coming into the office on Day 1 knowing they have a fully-functioning network and ready-to-go equipment. Telco Data has been taking the stress off of he shoulders of IT teams all around the Austin area for over 20 years.

Our detail-oriented staff ensure correct and clean install the first time with comprehensive communication and documentation, and provide on-site support for your IT team throughout the entire process.

From 1:1 patching to VLAN matrix patching, we ensure your server room is ready to go. Equipment optimization can be a stressful undertaking – whether you’re moving locations or are in need of a cleanup, trust Telco Data to collaborate with your IT team to make sure everything your company needs to run works to the fullest extent, and is organized for maximum efficiency and scalability.

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Well-organized, modern server room.
Many blue cables neatly patched into a server.

Patch Panels & Patching Services

All network cabling in your suite home runs to devices called patch panels which organize your structured cabling neatly for connection to your network hardware.

Making all the connections between incoming LAN cables and outgoing cables to specific destinations can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Yet, it is a task which requires considerable attention to detail, so that the correct cabling is made between any two points.

Oftentimes, server patching ends up being one of the most burdensome tasks when setting up or organizing a server facility – Telco Data understands that this also means it’s a task that most IT teams often don’t have the bandwidth for undertaking it.

Set up your organization for success by letting Telco Data work in tandem with your IT team to ensure that your servers are ready to fire on Day 1.

Server Racking Services

The main component of any rack will always be the servers, and the servers are responsible for running all the applications, functions, and data storage for your business. Server racks come in a number of different sizes – these days, the trend is toward servers with a smaller footprint, as these are designed to be more efficient and to deliver more power relative to consumption.

Telco Data can provide server racking services that give you confidence that your servers are properly mounted on appropriate racks. Our server racking offering and services:

  • Keep your servers cool, making maintenance and troubleshooting easy
  • Can be locked in place on the server rack to reduce tampering or theft
  • Leverage years of experience matching servers to proper racks and installing them in a secure fashion
  • Reduce your time to go-live
Close-up of a server. Telco Data offers expert server racking and patching services.
Close-up of a server that has been neatly racked and patched by Telco Data.

Server Rack & Stack Services

Just before your company moves in to a new facility, your IT team will undoubtedly have their hands full in the days leading up to go-live, and probably for quite a while afterward. We can relieve some of the stress by racking your network equipment, and having everything patched in.

Give your IT personnel the opportunity to walk right in to a preset server room, ready to go and to support your company. We can remove some of the tedious burden from their shoulders, so they can add more value to the startup operation. Click below to request a free quote, so we can work with you to ease your transition to a new site.

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Server Racking & Patching FAQs

What is network patching?

A patch panel which is part of a local area network connects ports which are used to manage and control the incoming and outgoing cables for the LAN. Sometimes referred to as patch fields or patch bays, they are frequently used in television and radio applications.

The arrangement of aisles in a data center is critical to air flow and to keeping the equipment cooled off. Aisle pitch refers to the amount of space between rows of adjacent aisles.

These are custom-built servers which are either made in-house, or are purchased from white-box suppliers known as Original Design Manufacturers. The term “white box” refers to the fact that there is no specific brand attached to the server.

The open design promotes better airflow, which is critical to keeping equipment contained in the racks cool, so they don’t overheat.