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We Work With Top Local & National Providers

Telco Data is able to not only collaborate with your IT department and other organizational leadership to determine the Internet and voice plan that best suits your needs, we also bring a competitive advantage to the table.

Over our years in the industry, we have secured, nurtured, and maintained positive working relationships with local players (Astound, Spectrum, and Lumen), as well as global providers (Comcast, AT&T, and Windstream). All in all, Telco Data represents over 50 Internet and voice providers.

Let us take care of the research and plan design – all for no additional charge.

  • Fiber Internet
  • Coax – Cable Modem
  • DSL / U-verse
  • Ethernet Private Line (E-line)
  • Data Center connectivity
  • Cloud Services
  • SD WAN
  • Co Location
  • UCaaS and CCaaS
  • PRI
  • SIP Trunks
  • Direct Dial Numbers (DID)
  • VoIP
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Efficiency & Proactivity With Internet & Voice

Why choose Telco Data for Internet and voice? You get the ultimate peace of mind knowing that a team of experts is carefully watching over your system, including:

  • Nationwide circuit testing: Maintain seamless system efficiency knowing that Telco Data has you covered. Our Network Operations Center uses VXSuite probes to continuously monitor circuits at regular intervals.
  • Direct carrier communication: Telco Data will act as a liaison with your provider – in the event of an issue, we will contact them, open a ticket, ensure speedy resolution, and keep relevant parties up to date with progress.
  • 24/7 outage monitoring: Whether the connection goes down after business hours, or over the weekend, we’ve got you covered – issues are automatically detected by our system, which alerts the NOC and allows us to react quickly.

Benefits of Carrier Services from a Master Agent

Objectivity to Find the Optimal Solution

Given the breadth of our relationships across over 50 carriers, Telco Data has the ability to remove biases and allegiances to find the exact service plan that suits your needs best – no questions asked.

Telco Data helps companies just like yours find the perfect plan every day – we have even developed a proprietary software that updates in real time, allowing us to make data-driven decisions with the highest amount of benefit to your business.

We are a top sales partner with many of our carriers – take advantage of the benefits provided by Telco Data’s Master Agent status to get the lowest price with the highest quality guaranteed.

No more waiting on hold for hours for a simple tech support or billing question. As your broker, we deal directly with your carrier for faster turnaround and less hassles for you. This frees up your time to focus on running your business.

Live circuit monitoring is included at no cost to you. Arm yourself with a stack of tools to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, including:

  • Ping for packet loss or latency
  • TraceRoute to see circuit performance metrics
  • Email notification alerts if circuits go down
  • Dashboard and reporting through the web
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Hundreds of reviews show how great we are

What Happy Clients Have to Say

Telco made it very easy for me from start to finish to get a competitive bid, professional installation, and even brokered the internet setup with Spectrum for me. I was very impressed with the whole operation and loved all the team members I got to interact with.

Telco trevor

Alex W.


Kaela and the entire team at Telco have been nothing short of AMAZING! We are so happy to have their support. Kaela is always right on the other side of my (many times silly) e-mails asking for assistance. We are very happy with the move to Telco!

Telco taylor

Kerry J.


The job turned out to be far more challenging than it needed to be however, aware that we were on a tight timescale, they stuck with it and didn’t leave until the job was complete and the service tested and handed over. For which I am extremely grateful.

Telco steve

Steve H.


Internet, Data & Voice Services FAQs

How much to commercial telephone carrier services cost?

The cost of your business’ telephone carrier services depends on your organization’s needs, your budget, and your chosen carrier. Telco Data uses a proprietary technology, as well as long-standing positive relationships with over 50 providers, to ensure that you get the best rate available.

Data services allow businesses to extend their data storage capabilities past in-house storage and into the cloud. This also aids in organizational scalability since data can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Voice services not only allow your business to communicate via telephone internally and externally, they also give your organization access to a variety of features (voicemail, call forwarding, and more). Whether your plan is a traditional phone line or a voice-over-Internet service, the benefit of the investment is undeniable.

Fiber optic cables are able to carry digital information incredibly quickly over long distances, making them much more efficient than traditional cables. Fiber Internet offers a very fast connection using fiber optic cables.

Direct dial numbers (also known as direct inward dialing or DID) provides your company with a block of telephone numbers for calling into your PBX system. Essentially, it allows you to provide unique phone numbers to individuals or workstations within your organization and eliminates the need for a physical line at each connection point.

DID are an incredible opportunity to maximize your business’ efficiency – callers are now able to call the exact person or department that they need to reach, saving both parties valuable time.