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Provide the Highest Level of Service to Your Patients

In today’s healthcare industry, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art amenities are expected by patients and clients. Within the healthcare industry, you face many different challenges to optimize workflow and patient care, while balancing industry regulations and standards.

Doctors, nurses, and medical staff rely on access to real-time data to patient’s medical information. With these ever-changing technologies, the demand for a high bandwidth network is integral to every healthcare facility.

Whether you’re a small local medical office or full medical facility, investing in future-proofing your network technologies could be used to save lives. Telco Data has serviced many offices and medical facilities in the Austin area over the last 20 years.

Specialty Clinic, Vivent Health, Advanced Pain Care, and Med2Market are just a few local clients that we have assisted – from ground up build out, to network infrastructure installation, and post-installation service calls, we’ve Austin’s medical facilities covered.

  • Medical and research offices
  • Clinics and dental offices
  • Medical schools and colleges
  • Medical technology facilities

Why Work With Telco Data

From copper cabling, to fiber optics, to speech privacy systems, Telco Data will ensure your demands for a secure and compliant healthcare network are met. We can guide you to make the right decisions for your network infrastructure. Let us take your company to the next level! Reach out to Telco Data today to get your free quote and complimentary site survey schedule.

Telco Data Is Here to Support the Healthcare Industry