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At Telco Data, we understand that different organizations have different requirements for their cabling installation. Our expert design team will work directly with you to ensure that every one of your organization’s unique needs is covered and that your structured cabling system’s performance exceeds all relevant cabling systems standards.

structured cabling for commercial buildings and offices

Commercial Buildings & Offices

With the many moving parts of relocating or expanding your office space, ensuring your company’s network is up on day one is mission-critical. With Telco Data’s wide range of services, we cover you from overall structured cabling, business phone services, to DMARC extensions and more.

Telco Data goes above and beyond to provide the fastest and newest technology that fits your needs. Leaving you with the time to concentrate on other tasks to grow your business. With warranties on all services, we ensure you will have a stress-free structured cabling rollout.

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structured cabling for data centers

Data Centers

Data centers require many devices to be interconnected with redundant connections to prevent downtime. This means a high quantity of connections from point to point. Don’t get caught in a web of cables.

Our highly trained technicians will examine your project and provide you with a wire management solution to help keep your server room clean, neat, and organized. Organized structured cabling in a Data center will reduce downtime, reduce footprint, and increase the overall return on investment by decreasing the need for maintenance.

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structured cabling for education


Telco Data has assisted many public and private schools for over 20 years. As communication technology advances the need for higher-performing data, phone, audio, and video in the classroom is a necessity.  Not only does it save you money with reduced return visits and maintenance, but it also increases your productivity and network connectivity.

Telco Data provides turn-key solutions for every type of project you need. With detailed custom floor plans and diagrams, we cover all the bases for you. With a 25-year manufacture warranty on all products, you can rest easy knowing that your data infrastructure will be functioning at the highest possible performance.

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structured cabling for healthcare


Within the healthcare industry, customers face many different challenges to optimize workflow and patient care, while balancing industry regulations and standards. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff rely on access to real-time data to patient’s medical information. Downtime is not an option, so having a solid reliable structured cabling network is crucial.

Our clients praise Telco Data about our logistical thoroughness to ensure you have everything you need on day one.

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structured cabling for logistics


Structured cabling in a Logistics warehouse can be a daunting task. Telco Data will strategically map out our cabling pathway to ensure that we work around your critical machinery or racking systems. With inventory management devices logging every movement of product, Wi-Fi dead-zones in a warehouse can be detrimental.

We ensure that you have the strongest and best coverage for every section of your warehouse no matter the size.  With thorough site surveys we will map out any additional IDF’s needed and create a fiber interconnection between your server rooms.

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structured cabling for manufacturing


Structured cabling in a manufacturing facility can be a unique and difficult task with many different variables to account for. With the proper structured cabling in place for your clean rooms or harsh environments, you can rest easy knowing that a solid reliable network is in place for your inventory control, centralized data management, automated processes, and beyond.

Utilizing the newest materials and technology we ensure your structured cabling needs will be exceeded. With our professional installers, Telco Data has a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective.

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structured cabling for media and broadcasting

Media & Broadcasting

From news studios to podcast studios to video production studios, Media and Broadcast companies require unique structured cabling solutions with a variety of cable needs from Category, Fiber, Coax, HDMI, and Composite cables. Telco Data can provide the leading-edge hardware and materials you require to meet current and future data requirements for multimedia.

Telco Data is committed to providing the leading-edge hardware and materials keeping you ahead of the competition. From ground-up build-outs to company expansions, our highly trained staff will find the right solution to best fit your structured cabling needs.

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structured cabling for nonprofits organizations

Non Profits

Telco Data is a strong supporter of the local community. There is no job too big or too small. Telco Data has worked with many local churches, clinics, and charitable/non-profit organizations.

Upgrading your premise-based phone system to a cloud-based system, running new cables for your expansion, or simply building out an entire new system, our experts in office and on-site will walk you through every step of the way to minimize disruption and the highest quality of work.

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structured cabling for office and technology

Software & Technology

As software development and technology pushes the envelope for high demanding bandwidth requirements, structured cabling is of the upmost importance when building out a new office space. Utilizing 10 gig Cat6A cabling and 40 Gig OM4 fiber backbone infrastructure, Telco Data guarantees the highest quality of materials and data throughput for your network connectivity.

Working with your IT personnel, we will create custom floor plans and diagrams to document every single detail you need for your office network infrastructure. Making sure everything connection is tested and certified at the speeds you need to keep your business moving.

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