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Optimize Your Cabling for a Lightning-Fast Ethernet Connection

At Telco Data, we’re committed to providing Austin-area businesses with the fastest, most reliable connections. With the latest Cat6 standard of cabling, we can install a system that supports up to 10 Gbps speeds! These high-performance cables enable seamless video conferencing, VoIP, and more.

Our experienced cabling technicians will put in the effort to design a system with your needs in mind. We’ll consider the physical layout of your space and the goals you’re trying to accomplish. We uphold the highest standards of safety and performance when designing, installing, testing, and repairing Cat6 cabling.

When you have a reliable high-speed Internet connection for everyone in your office, you can minimize frustrations and maximize productivity. Talk to the Telco Data team for a free site survey and no-obligation estimate!

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Get Gigabit Ethernet With Telco Data Cat6 Cabling Services

If you currently have an earlier generation of ethernet cables, you’ll face a few limitations: namely, shorter maximum run lengths, a higher risk of signal interference, and slower Internet speeds. When you upgrade to Cat6 cables, you’ll be able to take advantage of gigabit ethernet speeds over longer distances.

If you’re looking to replace outdated cabling or design a brand-new network, we’ll help you plan out the solution that best fits all your wiring requirements. We’ll be able to recommend the type of cabling that works best for you, whether that’s Cat6 or another type of data cabling.

How Our Austin, TX Cat 6 Cabling Services Work?

First, we’ll meet you for a free site survey where we will consider the layout of the office, listen to your goals, and provide you with a no-obligation estimate. We’re here to walk you through all your options and provide you with cost-effective communications solutions.

Ready to upgrade your network or build a new network from the ground up? Whether you need a multi-floor cabling project or your network only consists of a few devices, the team at Telco Data is the ideal choice for Cat6 cabling services!

upgrading to cat6 cabling
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Cat 6 Cabling FAQs

Yes, Cat6 cables are backwards compatible with Cat5/5e standards. They use the same RJ-45 connector that previous generations used, so it won’t be difficult to connect to your phones, computers and other equipment.

Cat6 cables are designed according to a newer generation of standards that strive to improve performance. A Cat6 network is more costly to install than either Cat5 or Cat5e, but it has the capability for higher speeds.

Cat6 is excellent for limited distances and can even support 10 Gbps speeds for short distances. Cat6a is an upgraded version that is bulkier and more expensive, but offers higher speeds with longer cable runs. Cat6 is more commonly used in business settings.

Cat6 cables effortlessly support 1 gigabit per second. Even better, this standard accommodates 10 gigabit connections over a limited distance. You’ll get very fast internet as long as you invest in quality Cat6 cabling services!