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Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD) often results in employees working solely off WiFi & cell signal. But not all buildings are created equal; in fact not all buildings are required to have internal cell signal. Some shell buildings seem intentionally created to strip every device of every bar. Not only does this result in frustration, but in the the 21st Century of Wireless Technology, the result may actually be life-threatening.

The most typical scenario you will want to avoid, is an employee’s inability to dial 911. Decades ago, land lines made this problem non-existent, but with businesses frequently foregoing business phone systems for 100% hosted or soft phone applications, cell signal may prevent employees from dialing out in emergencies. Thankfully, SureCall has a solution. Paired with our excellent Customer Service and Communications cabling expertise, SureCall systems can bring the outside cell signal into your whole suite.

Telco Data begins by surveying your building (including the external) to determine the signal being received outside. This portion of the work is complimentary. Telco Data will then meet with your team to discuss if cell boosting will increase your connectivity or if the real estate in general requires stronger signal. If the latter, the carrier may need to address the possibility of installing more cell towers in your area, but our work will not be billable. Even cell boosting can’t make the signal stronger than it is outside.

If, however, the signal is strong with your building, Telco Data will begin by installing a dedicated antenna on the roof of your building for your company’s sole use. From there we bring the service into your server room and connect each internal antenna to the tap. Much like your wireless access points, this will allow your users a strong reliable signal even in the deepest, darkest dungeon.

If you and your employees or tenants are experiencing a frustrating lack of bars, give our office a call today. Our field-certified Sales & Estimating Team will schedule a complimentary site survey, engage with SureCall’s design staff, and get you on the way to outbound calls (and maybe a little YouTube as well).

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