Cell Phone Signal Boosters

What Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Do?

Weak cell signals, slow data, and dropped calls occur for a variety of reasons. The distance between the user and the nearest cell tower is one factor, but tower capacity and the number of obstacles between the tower and the user are also factors that affect service. Things like trees, buildings, and hills create a barrier that obstructs the signal coming from the cell tower to the service location, as well as its return to the tower. Even at the point of usage, cell signals face further disruption. The building materials in walls and windows, as well as various other internal interferences can affect a cell signal inside a building, even if it is fine outside.

Cell Phone Signal Boost Solution

A cell phone booster can overcome these issues. A cell phone signal booster is a device that amplifies reception for users. They can improve all the basic processes for smart phones and smart devices that require a signal.

For instance, cell phone signal boosters can stop dropped calls in commercial buildings up to 500,000 square feet. They can also make text and data service for cell phone service up to ten times better.

How Do Boosters Work?

Signal boosters for cell phones work by adding more power to a device’s reception. They have three primary components – an interior antenna, an amplifier, and an exterior antenna. These parts work together to take the existing cell phone signal and amplify it. Once it is amplified, the booster redistributes it to the area where the signal is weak or where there is no reception at all. The outside antenna acts as a liaison between the booster and the cell tower.

It receives the signal and transmits it back with greater power and sensitivity. After receiving the signal from the tower, the outside antenna amplifies the signal through a cellular repeater and sends it to the inside antenna. Internet speeds pick up, data transmits faster, and calls become clearer. This is essential to any business where there are issues with data speeds and call clarity. It also benefits home, car, and RV cell usage in remote places, where signals are weak or hard to come by.

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Booster Power Must Correlate to Outside Cell Signal Strength

For a cell phone signal booster to work properly, the outside antenna must be located in a place with a stable signal. These boosters don’t create a cell signal but increase the productivity of the already existing signal. A weaker external signal can sometimes equate to a weaker amplified signal inside. For this reason, using a booster in an area where the outside signal is weak may require a booster that is a bit stronger than the one recommended for the location. Signals are amplified in terms of decibels (dBs). A six dB increase in signal equals a double in strength. A powerful amplifier may be necessary to adequately provide a signal for your needs in areas where the outside signal is not strong.

With the implementation of a properly equipped cell phone signal booster, you can improve reception for everyone in your home or workplace.