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The Internet Telephony Awards is an awards ceremony that celebrates breakthrough technologies and practices in the telecommunication industry. It is run by Internet Telephony Magazine, the authority in complex communication solutions and innovations since 1998 which validates new technologies as well as sets standards for telecommunication software and hardware.

The Internet Telephony Awards validates the work of countless visionaries and strives to give their work the attention it deserves. Traditionally, these awards are geared towards those in large companies that need the best telecommunication software and hardware that will help streamline workflow amongst thousands of employees. The absolute top prize that any company can receive is the Product of the Year award, and in this year’s 2015 Internet Telephony Awards, the NEC Univerge SV9000 has been awarded the Product of the Year award.

User experience is a very important factor when it comes to a company’s telecommunication needs. A product that is used across all levels of management must be intuitive and user-friendly. The Univerge SV9000 combines complete user friendliness with extensive options for optimization.

In addition, the Univerge SV9000 comes in three different packages: the UNIVERGE SV9100, UNIVERGE SV9300, and UNIVERGE SV9500. Each product is intended for a different size company; the SV9100 is intended for small businesses, the SV9300 for medium businesses, and SV9500 for large businesses. This is convenient for the consumer as it is rare for a small company to be able to purchase such a powerful telecommunications product without going above and beyond their needs. Let’s go over these different models, and see which one is best for your telecommunication needs!

The SV9100 is an entry level product for small or medium businesses. These are the SV9100’s features: simplified user licensing structure, comprehensive suite of unified communications and contact center solutions, broad range of mobility applications and devices, vertical market-specific solution integrations, wide-range of end-points, single point configuration and management, and multi-line SIP client, multi-carrier support. It comes in two models: the SV9100E and the SV9100S. The SV9100S is the barebones SV9000 server, and comes with everything a small business needs. The SV9100E is a little bit more advanced and can handle more digital traffic than the SV9100S. NEC UNIVERGE recommends that a new consumer start with the E series before graduating to the S series.

The SV9300 is the next step up from the SV9100, and has many of the same features, but is much more robust. It can handle the telecommunication needs of a busy, medium-sized company much better than the SV9100. Once again, the next step up from the 9300, the SV9500, has the same features as the rest of the servers, but it can handle even more data traffic. This means that this server can handle a much larger company. In addition, the SV9500 is intended for an increasingly mobile world. It can make it easier for those using tablets, cellphones, and laptops to link up and work together more fluently.

The SV9000 series is a good option for any business, be it big or small, and its winning of the 2015 Internet Telephony Awards attests to its strength as a quality telecommunication product. If you’re interested in the SV900 series for your business, call us today!

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