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Nextiva is rated Best Business Phone Service in 2022 by U.S. News! Get reliable, cloud PBX with advanced features, flexible setup and top-notch call quality.

About Nextiva

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Nextiva’s strategy goes beyond the basics by investing in intelligent solutions that insulate businesses from hardware and network maintenance. It has an easy-to-use interface where you can access tools that allow your business to customize your services to best fit the companies needs. Nextiva has a 100% US based team that are available via email, phone, and social media whenever you need them.

Nextiva’s platform has the best “cloud to ground” integration of modern VOIP phone system capabilities and some traditional analog on-premise functions like paging, and faxing. With Nextiva there is no obstacle your company can’t overcome.

Communications Packages

With 4 Communications Packages to choose from, Nextiva makes it easy for your team to pick the plan that works best for them depending on the level of service needed. The Essential package includes dependable modern communication tools such as secure voice, collaboration, and fax that you can use from anywhere in a matter of seconds. The Professional package consolidates all of your apps into one place so you can avoid jumping between each one and losing track of what you’re doing or mixing up information. It allows for the easiest way to use video conferencing, messaging with your team, and screen share with video collaboration.

The Enterprise package is equipped with advanced analytics and reporting to collaborate more effectively with voice and video recording to manage and track the entire sales process and customer interactions. The Ultimate Package includes all of the benefits of the Enterprise package plus an abundance of features to better manage and help build stronger customer relations by including automated personalized messages and understanding which customers need quick attention.

Nextiva Hosted Call Center

A comprehensive hosted call center solution with advanced functionality that’s easy to use because everything is handled in the cloud, so it eliminates maintenance and upgrade costs. It also allows view fluctuations in call volume, route calls to agents based on skills, and the ability to manage your entire call center on any browser or mobile device.

Nextiva puts itself above the competition with increased agent efficiency, a collaborative organization, and an easy-to-use platform that lets you monitor trends and team members.

VoIP Paging & Faxing

With Nextiva’s VOIP Paging, your company can eliminate the need for analog wiring because it functions dependably over WiFi to mass communicate through speaker phone for one way messaging. This allows your employees, to receive notifications about calls, appointment reminders, and even emergency alerts even if they are away from their desk..

Nextiva also makes it easy to receive faxes by sending them directly to you online. You simply choose the inbox you would like them delivered to and Nextiva will alert you with texts when a new fax comes through, so you can reduce the need for paper faxes that could easily become a security risk.

What is a VoIP phone system?

VoIP, also known as Voice over IP (Internet Protocol), lets you manage outgoing and incoming calls over an internet connection. Unlike analog phones, VoIP phone systems don’t need on-site hardware. Use your IP desk phone, softphone, or even your smartphone to make phone calls. VoIP providers like Nextiva, use IP PBX to deliver this VoIP service and manage your business communications.

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Unbeatable benefits with Nextiva’s VoIP phone system

  • Works with your existing on-premise office phones. All you need is a high-speed internet connection.

  • Your customers may be using VoIP, traditional phones/landlines, or mobile devices. Nextiva’s VoIP phone service can reach them everywhere.

  • Get advanced features like Auto Attendant, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Call Routing, and Voicemail to Email. Traditional telephone services just can’t keep up!

  • Unlimited local and long-distance phone calls, toll-free VoIP phone numbers, virtual phone lines, and more!

Why choose Nextiva for your business?

Business phone service

A VoIP phone system made for the way you work. Advanced features like HD audio and video conference calling, text messaging, and automatic call forwarding can support your teams no matter where they are.

Mobile & desktop apps

Manage inbound and outbound calls with the same business phone number right from your mobile phone app. Carry your virtual phone system in the palm of your hands. iOS- and Android-compatible.

Desk phones

Want to take call quality up a notch on your business phone calls? We can help you provision IP phones, cordless phones or even your existing analog phones as reliable business lines.

Paperless faxing

Nextiva offers a virtual fax service at an affordable price. Use your existing PC, tablet, or mobile device to send and receive faxes. No more clunky fax machines. Do it all via your VoIP service provider.

How does a Nextiva’s business phone system work?

A cloud-based business phone system is an advanced telephony system that runs entirely on the internet. If you’re connecting to a PSTN, VoIP converts your analog voice signals to digital packets and vice versa during transmission.

With Voice over IP, your data is compressed and sent over a digital network. To start using a cloud phone system, all you need is a reliable VoIP provider like Nextiva.

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Nextiva is the fastest growing unified communication provider in the United States and serves more than 100,000 business customers. Since 2006, Nextiva has maintained its focus on simplifying the way businesses communicate. Through a combination of communication, collaboration, and mobility solutions, Nextiva helps companies of all sizes and industries run more efficiently and increase productivity and profitability, while reducing their communication costs.

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FAQs About Nextiva VoIP Business Phone Systems

Yes, you can use your existing phone with VoIP. Using an analog desk phone is easy as long as you use an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). Additionally, you will also need:

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Wired or Wireless Route
  • Ethernet cable (CAT5e or CAT6)
  • VoIP phone service provider like Nextiva

Setting up a VoIP phone system will only take a few hours. For most users, they simply unbox the phones and connect them to their existing network. It’s that easy. Once connected, simply associate each phone with the desired phone extension. Managing your phones can all be done from the convenience of your web browser. Before you upgrade your phone system to VoIP, consider the following recommendations:

  • Estimate the number of users and extensions you’ll need for offices and meeting rooms
  • Make sure you have a broadband internet connection capable of at least 512 kbps bandwidth. Not sure? Take our VoIP speed test.
  • Set a budget for your business voice service. Nextiva’s plans start at $18.95 per user every month for 100+ users.
  • Narrow down the top features you need and think about how you will use them.

Nextiva offers the industry’s best customer service, and even has earned multiple awards for it. Every customer gets access to the company’s friendly and knowledgeable customer support team around the clock. If you ever need help, get in touch with Nextiva support via the phone, email, or message Nextiva on your favorite social network.

To purchase Nextiva, contact Telco Data team, chat with us, or request a demo. We’ll discuss your business needs to suggest the best solution for you.