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It can be a tedious and time-consuming process to get your workstations setup when moving into a new business location. Your I.T. team will undoubtedly be involved with a number of other tasks, assuming you even have an I.T. staff, so it’s always better to engage the services of a team which specializes in workstation setup, like the professionals at Telco Data.

We’ve been in business for more than 20 years now, and that should tell you something about how well we’ve served our clients in the Austin, TX area.

When you partner with us on your workstation setup, you can be sure that everything will be implemented correctly, ergonomically, and efficiently, so you can get your employees back to being productive again in the shortest possible time frame.

office workstation setup services

Our Setup Process

We will meet with you to discuss all the relevant issues, such as how you want the cabling laid out for workstations in your office area, since both power and data cables must be provided to every station. Ideally, this should be done in a manner which still leaves the office area looking organized and attractive, rather than a jungle of cables and wires. Your  plan may be to install all wireless workstations, and that will solve at least one problem.

Another idea which can significantly reduce the cabling involved with any workstation is to make greater use of USB-C technology, which will allow you to transfer data lightning fast, while also charging a device. In this way, you can keep your laptops, tablets, and other peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard, powered up, while also streamlining the profile of the workstation.

We’ll also make a point of determining what kind of equipment needs to be installed at each workstation. For instance, you may want to have office phones installed at each of your workstations, and these may be intelligent phones like those setup for voice-over-IP. If some of your employees will be participating in frequent conference calls, you may want their laptop or PC configured to include a camera which can be used for that purpose, especially if the computers aren’t equipped with cameras.

Setting up the computer equipment will also be important, since most employees will spend considerable time on them. The computer itself should be placed somewhere where it won’t interfere with daily tasks, unless laptops will be installed at all workstations. If you want traditional PC’s installed at the workstations, the monitors will be another consideration, with both the size and positioning being important. Our team will install the monitors so they’re about arm’s length away from the employee, since this provides the best view without being an assault on the eyes.

If your employees will frequently be working on things like creative design, project management, or accounting tasks where multi-columned spreadsheets must be viewed, you might want to consider installing widescreen monitors with fast refresh rates. This kind of setup is great for displaying multiple applications at once, so your employees can be more productive and can multi-task while working. Many employees prefer this mode of viewing things because it provides more information at a glance, and reduces the need for hopping back and forth between applications.

There has been tremendous emphasis placed on ergonomics in recent years, and this is not surprising since numerous studies have shown that employees are more productive when they have workstations which have been ergonomically configured. This part of workstation setup involves, among other things, choosing and installing the right chairs for your employees. You should strive to setup each workstation so that it satisfies ergonomic principles that will allow an employee to be comfortable while performing their daily duties.

When employees are forced to suffer through cramped conditions, to sit on a stiff chair which can’t be properly adjusted, or to be uncomfortable in where their feet and legs are positioned at work, it’s very possible that over time they will develop health issues. That does no one any good, least of all you as an employer, since you’re more than likely to experience lost work time from individuals who have developed chronic issues stemming from a bad workstation setup.

Some companies are adopting the usage of sit-stand desks, which permit a worker to sit for a while and then stand, so as to avoid long periods of time in the same position. If your company chooses to take this enlightened approach, we can handle that for you and put these pieces of modern office furniture in their proper place. However you choose to setup your employee workstations, we will ensure that they’re setup that way the first time around, so there won’t be any lost time with re-work and multiple setups.

Why Choose Telco Data?

We have established a highly favourable reputation in the Austin area over the last two decades, and that’s because we deliver prompt and efficient service, and because our teams are extremely knowledgeable about workstation setup.

We have made it our business to stay abreast of all the latest developments and trends in structured cabling and office communications, so we can even recommend some Best Practices to you if you’re in need of advice. Because of our attention to detail and our high level of professionalism and customer service, we have a solid business relationship with literally thousands of clients in the Austin area and throughout the region of central Texas.

We also provide a number of other services which may be very useful to your company, in terms of establishing an efficient office configuration.

We do structured cabling, cellular boosting, hosted voice services, carrier services, sound masking, audio/visual services, and racking and patching.

We have specialists who are well-trained in each of these areas, and who will provide the best possible solution for your company. By partnering with Telco Data, you can be sure that the needs of your office will be taken care of with the latest technology, and in the most efficient manner possible. We’d like to have you join our family of satisfied customers in the greater Austin, TX area.

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Office Workstation Setup FAQs

Ergonomics involves making an employee comfortable at their workstation, and they will always be more productive if the setup is comfortable.

Structured cabling generally consists of twisted pair and optical cabling, as well as patch panels and patch cables.

Yes, all our structured cabling materials come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We can install all kinds of network cabling, including AV & HDMI, Fiber, Cat6/A, Security cabling, and data or video cabling.

Yes, we can install state-of-the-art phone systems at your workstations, and we can train your employees in their usage.

Absolutely. As a master telecom agent, we have access to virtually all the providers on the market, and we can recommend the one which best fits your needs.

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