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Sound Masking Systems Improve Workplace Privacy

Sound masking systems cover distracting noises of everyday office life with ambient sounds. This simple tool can boost employee comfort, protect privacy, and reduce distractions that tank your business’s efficiency.

These systems work by manipulating sounds rather than trying to overcome them. The ambient sound is amplified via loudspeakers mounted unobtrusively on the ceiling. When correctly calibrated, the noise frequency disrupts the sound of human speech and other noises – giving you control over what’s heard and, more importantly, what’s not heard around the office.

Protect Privacy by Investing in a Sound Masking System

Sound masking systems are crucial in today’s business world. They reduce unnecessary, distracting noise and improve your company’s privacy. Privacy issues tend to arise in the workplace for a variety of reasons. Cubicles make it easy to overhear – or worse – mishear information. Similarly, offices located close together or in open space work areas make some communication impossible to contain without drawing even more attention; loud whispers and shut doors are invitations to eavesdrop.

Whether your business is concerned with maintaining client confidentiality for HIPAA-like standards or just for privacy among colleagues, ensuring certain conversations are in a controlled setting may protect you from legal ramifications as well as adhering to quality business practices.

By Masking Human Sounds, You Minimize Distractions

Less distractions in the workplace equate to more efficiency and fewer mistakes among employees. Distracting noise becomes a major issue in open concept spaces or when the space above cubicle walls is open. Oftentimes, room acoustics allow noise to bounce off the ceiling and walls, which creates a constant buzz that workers may find distracting.

You would think that adding more sounds to an already noisy atmosphere would make this worse. However, masking sounds is much different than creating more noise. When the sounds of workplace conversations are masked by an ambient sound masking system, employees are more able to focus on the task at hand, improving productivity, company revenues, and product quality.

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Sound Masking Systems Can Boost Productivity

Ambient noise from a sound masking system is easy to control with a user-friendly interface, allowing the output of the sound to be adjusted as necessary. The ambient sound produced by the system can be adjusted to the exact right level to create comfort in the workplace depending on the noise level in the environment.

From creating a more distraction free environment to protecting privacy among employees and clients, a sound masking system can transform your office work processes.

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Sound Masking Systems FAQs

Sound masking is a method of reducing unnecessary noises for the comfort and privacy of everyone in the office. It’s ideal for open space work areas, cubicles, and offices that are close together.

Sound masking systems play a constant stream of unobtrusive ambient noise that serves the purpose of reducing everyday office noise. This ambient sound is amplified through ceiling loudspeakers.

Yes, sound masking is completely safe. It does not “listen” to the surrounding sounds, so there are no privacy concerns. It can even improve privacy in offices where confidential information must be protected.

Sound masking systems are affordable. In most cases, purchasing and installing a sound masking system will cost about $1.00-3.00 per square foot of office space. Get a free custom quote from Telco Data to find out how much it will cost for you.

Yes! It doesn’t eliminate noise, but it certainly dampens it. Sound masking is not the same as active noise cancelling, but it works very well to reduce the noise in an office environment for the purposes of privacy and productivity.

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