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Telecommunications technology and network cabling advances quickly, and the last twenty years have shown just how rapidly things progress. Along with the advancements in the past two decades, Telco Data has experienced success, strong business relationships, and is now looking with hope at the future of what the industry has to offer.

In twenty years, a lot has changed at Telco Data. Founded in 2001 by Stacy Tallent, Telco Data initially began its work providing premise-based phone system installation. When Layne Rouse joined the company in 2009, the reorganization of the company’s goals launched it into the fast-growing, successful company it is today. The company provides structured cablingsound masking systems, cloud-based business phone systems, office workstation setup services, server rack and stack services, audio visual solutions and internet data and voice services for everyone from small local Austin, TX businesses to international corporations to provide for their business needs.

With a wide range of solutions for a wide range of needs, Telco Data can provide for any business to stay connected effectively. As telecommunications technology advances, Telco Data will continue to examine the ways the company can provide for the needs of its business clients.

Over the last twenty years, the team at Telco Data has contributed to its success.

  • CEO Stacy Tallenthas more than twenty years in the cabling systems industry, and uses his knowledge, experience, passion, and professionalism to every project.
  • President Layne Rouseworks closely with the Telco Data team as well as clients to ensure that every project meets her high standards of organization, cooperation, and communication.
  • Project Manager Austin Martinezworks to ensure that every project is completed effectively and efficiently, connecting with clients’ IT staff to answer questions every step of the way.
  • Project Coordinator Kaela Amirkabirianhas a passionate focus on customer service, using her knowledge and experience to answer questions and make every client feel comfortable about their solutions.
  • Office Manager Sara Fergusonis organized and passionate, making her an asset to keep the office running smoothly.
  • Estimator Matthew Ramosworks closely with each client to ask the right questions during the sales process so that each client’s solution meets their unique needs.
  • Cabling Foreman Orlando Cedenohas years of experience in cabling, and works carefully to ensure high-quality craftsmanship at every project site.
  • Level 3 Technician Leo Chavezuses his experience both in the office and on-site so that every team member works cooperatively for successful project completion.

telco data team onsite

Technology has continued to advance over the last twenty years, and Telco Data has advanced with it. As telecommunications continues to move into the future, Telco Data will adapt to ensure that clients continue to receive the high-quality services they need.

From the earliest days of Telco Data that included primarily phone system installations, Telco Data now offers a wide range of services, including:

Though Telco Data looks quite a bit different than it did twenty years ago, the company and its staff has an even greater dedication to providing high-quality cabling solutions to businesses for their telecommunications needs.

One of the reasons Telco Data has been so successful for the last twenty years is because the staff lives by the organization’s motto: “People before profits.” The organization strives to foster a company culture that focuses on building relationships with clients by providing for their unique business needs in network cabling and telecommunications.

Every interaction with a client brings value to that client’s business and cultivates a stronger business relationship. Technology can be intimidating, and the work Telco Data does with businesses is to ensure that telecommunications run smoothly every step of the way. Telco Data wants clients to have successful businesses, and high-quality telecommunications solutions is one way that the company can have a role in that success.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for telecommunications technology as being even more important to business continuity. Telco Data was proud to provide for organizations’ needs so their staff could continue operations through the pandemic while adhering to CDC recommendations. With more people working from home than ever before, effective multi-site communication has become synonymous with business success.

As society begins to move past the COVID-19 restrictions and welcome people back into workplaces, the staff at Telco Data is looking forward to once again meeting with clients face-to-face while continuing to provide for their telecommunications technology needs. With the ability to return to on-site meetings and in-person demonstrations, the Telco Data staff will be able to strengthen the business relationships with clients while providing telecommunications solutions.

Whether you want to improve your existing telecommunications system, add an audio-visual system, expand to accommodate your growing business or something else entirely, Telco Data can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business be more connected and successful.

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