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Wondering whether you need a cell phone signal booster at your place of work? Signal boosters can save you from a world of frustration when it comes to weak signals and dropped calls. They are often a great solution in commercial buildings, allowing for mobile users to have conversations and use data on their phones with no interruption.

However, many people don’t know how a signal booster works or whether it would be a feasible solution for their business. If you can get a better understanding of what a signal booster does, you can make a more informed decision on whether to install one or not. We’re here to answer all your questions about commercial signal boosters!

Why Your Cell Signal May Be Weak

There are a few reasons why your cell signal might be weak inside your workplace. It’s possible that the closest cell tower is too far away. This is especially common in rural areas, but isn’t too much of a problem in cities. Another common cause is external interference.

You may notice terrible cell reception while driving through the mountains, and that’s because cell signals can be physically blocked by tall things. Buildings, hills, billboards, trees, mountains, and even the walls of your own building may weaken cell coverage. Additionally, your signal may get even worse with snow, rain, or storms.

What a Signal Booster Does

A cell phone signal booster is installed in areas with a weak cell signal. This may be a commercial building, a rural area, or even inside your car. A signal booster helps to boost and amplify the signal so that your mobile phone gets better reception and service. This allows you to send and receive texts, talk on the phone, and use your data plan without the interruptions of having a weak signal.

For a signal booster to work inside a building, there has to be a cell phone signal outside the building. It doesn’t “create” a signal; it just boosts a spotty signal so that you can get a stronger, more reliable cell connection.

The Components of a Signal Booster

There are three key parts to a cell phone signal booster:

  • There’s an antenna outside, often located on the roof, which captures the cell signal coming from the closest tower.
  • Then, there’s an amplifier that boosts the signal in the intended area.
  • And lastly, there’s the indoor antenna, which broadcasts the amplified phone signal to everyone’s devices.

Signal Strength: How it Works and How it Can Be Boosted
Cell signal strength is measured in decibels. When you look at the bars at the top of your screen, you’re looking at a rough indicator of how powerful the signal is. If you consistently have “low bars” in your workplace, you probably need a signal booster.

In most cases, -50 decibels equals full bars, whereas -120 decibels is considered a no-signal area or a dead zone. Your workplace signal strength probably falls somewhere in between the two, but your goal should be to get the signal strength as close to -50dB as you can. Signal boosters can provide a boost of up to +25dB, so even if you have a near-dead zone, you can greatly improve your signal’s strength and reliability.

How Large of an Area Can a Signal Booster Operate In?

You may be wondering if you’ll need multiple signal boosters for a large commercial building, or if you’ll need to make special considerations for a multi-story space. There are all different types of signal boosters with amplifiers that range from about 500 square feet to 7500 square feet. The antenna type will also play a role. Dome antennas can usually boost signal in a wider area than panel antennas can.

The Safety of Signal Boosters

Some people have raised health concerns related to signal boosters, but these concerns are unfounded in science. There’s no scientific research that shows a link between cell radiation and health issues. Plus, a booster cannot exceed the level of cell radiation that your phone already produces. Therefore, even if it were a concern, the signal booster would not increase your chances of health problems.

Learn More About Signal Boosters from Telco Data

At Telco Data, we specialize in affordable custom solutions. If you are interested in installing a signal booster, get in touch today to schedule a complimentary site survey!

Cell Phone Signal Booster FAQs

What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster is a system of antennas and amplifiers that can strengthen existing cell phone signal and broadcast it to all the devices in an area.

Will a cell signal booster increase Internet speed?

If you are accessing the Internet using the data on your phone, then yes, it can strengthen your connection. However, a cell phone signal booster won’t help with the average WiFi or Ethernet.

How can I boost my cell phone signal at work?

One of the best solutions is for your company to install a signal booster. The signal booster will receive the weak cell signal and amplify it within the building so that you can continue to call, text, and use data even when you’re indoors.

Which signal booster is best for businesses?

Every business has different circumstances and different needs, so there’s not a “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. Depending on the strength of the signal outside, the size of the area that needs a signal, and other factors, your needs will vary. A good telecom provider will be able to help you figure out a signal booster with the scope range and antenna type that best fits your needs.

How do commercial signal boosters work?

Commercial signal boosters use an antenna outside of the building to pick up cell signal, which is then amplified and broadcast throughout the building using an amplifier and an inside antenna.

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