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Congratulations! Your business is growing! You just signed the lease for a beautiful new space. The architect is working on plans to make the space special to you. The General Contractor is knocking down walls. Now your team is selecting those direct vendors: IT, AV, Security & Communications.

While you still have time to hit all your deadlines, take a look at this list to make sure you have crossed all your Ts & dotted all your Is.

  1. Have you chosen your voice & data carrier? Negotiating and activating internet data and voice carrier services in Austin can often take upwards of 60 days if the provider currently has infrastructure in your building. If not, the construction of those services will take much longer. Cross this bridge first. Telco Data can negotiate on your behalf and save you time/money. Knowing what your carrier plan is will also help you design other aspects of your installation.
  2. Have you designated a Project Manager? Communication is key when making decisions during installation. This often means you need a member of your team to act as Project Manager during the construction. This person should have a firm understanding of both the budget and the daily functions of the office.
  3. Choose vendors who work well together. Construction can often feel overwhelming. However, if you allow your AV, IT, Security & Structured Cabling vendor to work together, often they can find the holes in your install and resolve without ever even bringing things to your desk.
  4. Aces in their Places! Choosing a single vendor who claims to “do it all” may not result in the highest quality work. Allow the experts to work in their fields. Telco Data frequently installs the structured cabling requirements for all communications, security and AV. This allows you to have a clean port map/documentation, clean pathways/bundles, and a clean server room from Day One.
  5. Are you able to grow? If you only install conduit or cable tray or wire management able to hold your Day One infrastructure, then any MAC or future growth will result in costly construction. Telco Data can take a look at your maximum requirements and advise as to how best to prepare without driving up initial construction costs.
  6. When do you need to be in the space? Often you and your team need time prior to move-in to install equipment and get prepared to Day One operations. Give yourself (and your network cabling installers) plenty of heads up. Typically, teams like to have the space turned over for set up at least 5 business days ahead of butts-in-seats.

Construction is a tricky business. The above will give you a good heads start to ensure your TI project runs smoothly. Contact Telco Data today to have our expert Sales & Estimating team walk you thru your design process and get you operational in your new home!

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