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Connection and communication are essential for business success in today’s society. Along with telephones and security systems, wireless and wired technology means that teams can work cohesively, share information readily, and continue to move toward business success through cooperation. Setting up the structured cabling system for your company’s needs will give you the tools and support you need, but that means finding the right cabling company to work with for your cabling hardware, software, and installation solutions.

This blog post highlights 10 of the top structured cabling companies operating in the United States to help you find the best solution for you.

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is used in telecommunications. This approach uses cabling infrastructure in a building or to connect multiple locations, such as on a business campus, using technology components that aid in the communications solution. However, structured cabling goes beyond simply telephones. It can be used for security systems, audio-visual solutions, wireless networking, and many other areas that keep people in a business connected so they can work effectively and efficiently.

Whether you need a security system, a telephone system, or a wireless network, a structured cabling company is a good place to start. Along with new installs, many companies offer upgrades, expansions, and relocation services, as well.

In order to find the best structured cabling solution for your business, it is essential to find the right company to work with. That means a company that will provide the hardware and software you need, can assist (if needed) with installation, and provide whatever future support you may need, such as upgrades or relocation.

Top 10 Structured Cabling Companies in the U.S.

There are lots of structured cabling companies all over the world, so it is important to narrow your choices as part of your research. Here are ten of the top structured cabling companies operating in the United States for your telecommunications and IT needs:

  1. Telco Data: Your Local Structured Cabling Company
    Based in Austin, Texas, Telco Data provides data, fiber, or video structured cabling to meet whatever needs are necessary. This includes audio-visual solutions, business phone systems, and many other services to help businesses run smoothly and effectively using structured cabling solutions. The expert team has the knowledge and experience needed to match your needs with the best structured cabling solution.
  2. Belden
    This U.S.-based company offers lots of tech solutions for businesses, with a specialty in wireless LAN solutions. The company’s structured cabling, along with its hardware and software availability, can help you improve efficiency and productivity, manage security, and guarantee reliability on wireless networks.
  3. Vertex Security
    Headquartered in New York, Vertex Security is best known for its security systems, but offers much more. They provide cable repair as well as installation to the greater New York City area. They can also help with system upgrades and relocation projects.
  4. Legrand
    This international company, which serves the United States, is a well-known manufacturer of hardware used for structured cabling, providing the manpower needed for large-scale projects and the support needed for in-house IT teams to do the installation for small-scale projects.
  5. Teleco
    Along with structured cabling system installation, Teleco helps install projects on time and under budget. Some other services offered by the company include managed IT services, security systems, and phone systems.
  6. Nexans
    Nexans is headquartered in Paris, France, serving the United States under Nexans USA Inc. It offers fiber optic and cabling services to ICT, communications, and data centers. The organization positions itself as a high-end LAN vendor with complete solutions for copper and fiber optic needs.
  7. Corning, Inc
    Known for its Gorilla Glass, which is used in high-durability smartphones, Corning, Inc. has other services to offer, as well. The company manufactures fiber optic cabling for data centers and the tech industry.
  8. Panduit
    This Illinois-based company, which has been in operation since the mid-20th century specializes in data centers to provide improved efficiency through fiber optic and copper structured cabling solutions.
  9. Paige Electric Company
    In business since 1958, this firm specializes in wiring and connectorized cabling with customers all over the globe. They offer cloud, colocation, and enterprise data center solutions to provide services for key components in business continuity.
  10. Furukawa Electric
    This company has been in business since 1884, giving it amazing longevity in the cabling and wiring industry. Today, the company has manufacturing in India, Latin America, China, and the United States. Their products can be used for data centers as well as undersea cabling.


The right structured cabling company is essential for your telecommunications. Without high-quality cabling and expert installation, your solution may not achieve what it needs to, and you could lose valuable time, energy, and money trying to correct the problem.

By finding the best structured cabling company for your needs from the start, you can maximize your team’s productivity, increase the reliability of your system, and get the support you need to ensure that the structured cabling solution stays its best for your company for years to come.

Telco Data is ready and willing to provide for your structured cabling needs. Whether you need a business telephone system, audio visual solutions, or something else, our structured cabling services will meet your needs. Our expert team will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and will be ready to help you with any expansions or upgrades you may need along the way.

To learn more about how Telco Data can provide structured cabling solutions to improve your telecommunications and productivity, contact us today.

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