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Cloud phone systems have the technology to drive businesses whether they’re small, big, or huge. Cloud phone systems are rapidly becoming mainstream, and are more prevalent than ever before in the business world. They have allowed the such developments as the proliferation of mobile devices, the demand for more data, the emergence of the remote workforce, and the need to streamline software solutions by ridding a business of expensive on-site hardware.

Any business that installs a cloud-based phone system will be able to harness all the latest technological developments, and will have a solid foundation for business growth. When you have your business switched over to a cloud-based system, you’ll be able to realize some tremendous business advantages such as the following:

  • expanding your organization using a very scalable solution
  • eliminating the clutter on-site that consumes much of your budget
  • increasing employee responsiveness, productivity, and efficiency
  • integrating third-party software while also offering mobility applications that will be advantageous for your remote employees
  • capitalizing on all the newest features available in modern telephony.

In this era of the pandemic, business people have learned that it’s possible for the entire world to change overnight, and that circumstances can heavily influence rapid development of communications and the way business is conducted in general. This being the case, any business would be wise to consider the future for their company, and to embrace modern technology that will allow you to remain competitive in a highly crowded business world.

How cloud phone systems streamline communications

When you have your phone system on-site, it will be powered by servers that are crammed into a telecom closet. Your budget will vary every month depending on several factors, and if you own the system completely, you may only have to pay for phone service most months. However, the hardware that enables your on-site system will always require regular software upgrades and maintenance. As all this hardware ages, there will be the inevitable performance degradation, and that means your on-site personnel will need to become adept at handling breakdowns and malfunctions.

When you have a cloud phone system installed, you’ll only pay a monthly subscription which provides you with access to an off-site system. Your subscription fee will depend on how many devices or seats you have in use at a given time. For the most part, these are all-inclusive fees, which means there are no extra fees for usage or for voice features. That allows you to have predictable costs every month for your phone system, so that it can be effectively budgeted.

Even better, any maintenance or performance issues will be handled by your service provider rather than by your on-site personnel. Probably the biggest difference between budgeting for a cloud phone system and a system that you have on-site will be the cost of your Hardware. Normally, you would have to purchase the entire system, and a private branch exchange that would be maintained on the premises. Those are systems requiring an expensive initial outlay, and once they’re installed, you’ll also have to maintain them and make any necessary repairs.

When your business expands, you’ll also probably have to purchase additional tools and additional systems to a accommodate the increase of personnel. This is another area where the cloud can save you significant money. There’s still a PBX involved in cloud-based systems, but it would be maintained by your provider, who will also handle the software updates and system maintenance. The only on-site hardware you will have to install for a cloud system is a good power-over-ethernet switch, a firewall, and cloud-compatible telephones.

Since you don’t have to purchase any expensive hardware, it will be much easier to expand your system when the time comes, and you can accommodate new hires and additional office space. Cloud phone systems are very good at managing any kind of support problems you might have, and most of them are handled directly over the phone. Tech support can be a major issue with some companies, and it’s essential that you have immediate responsiveness so that you don’t incur any downtime or hindrances to conducting your normal daily business.

Cloud phone systems provide the latest features

Given the fact that a cloud system is provided via an Internet connection, all the features it encompasses are likewise delivered on a virtual basis. What makes this useful is the fact that the voice features you need are not limited to the number of ports you have available in your office system or the type of server you have installed. When you have a cloud phone system installed, you can set up as many conference bridges, voice mail boxes, auto attendants, and extensions as your business requires.

Whenever any new features become available, you won’t have to swap out your system for a newer one, because all those upgrades will be handled by your provider. Here are some of the most beneficial features you can take advantage of with a cloud-based system:

  • video conferencing and multi-party calls
  • hold messages and hold music
  • forwarding voicemail messages to email
  • intelligent call forwarding
  • interactive audio menus serving as auto attendants.

To grow your small business, you really need to embrace modern technology, that will enable much greater efficiency in the workplace. Cloud-based systems are far more efficient than outdated on-site hardware systems which are far more costly to install and maintain. Moving to a cloud-based will allow you the opportunity to embrace the future, and secure a place in that future for your company.

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FAQs About Business Cloud Phone System 

Do cloud-based phone systems have good sound quality?

That will depend on your provider and your Internet connection, but in general sound quality has improved tremendously in recent years.

Will my phone still work if I lose my Internet connection?

Cloud-based systems have a ‘call-forwarding’ feature that will forward calls to an alternate number if yours is unreachable.

Are cloud-bases systems able to support a remote workforce?

Yes, and in fact they’re much more capable of supporting remote workers than traditional phone systems are.

How much bandwidth is necessary to support a cloud-based phone system?

This will depend in large part on how many phones will be in use at any given time. You’ll also need to consider security, mobile devices, and Internet usage.

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