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Blog title image showing a CAT6A cable and a CAT6A Slim cable.

What is the difference and what are the benefits?

What Makes A Slim CAT6A Cable Special?

20% thinner and lighter than standard Cat6A

Belden’s Slim Cat6A cable’s 20% smaller outside diameter allows more cables to fit through conduits and systems furniture, decreasing construction costs in your space. Slim Cat6A cable can make it possible to run 10 Gbps connections to all your users!

Save Room in your Rack with High Density Panels

The thinner diameter of Cat6A Slim cable also allows 48 cables to fit into a high density, 1 rack unit patch panel, cutting the space for panels in half in your rack. Standard Cat6A cable is too thick to be dressed in one rack unit and must use 2U panels instead.

Terminating Cat6A slim cables into a 1U space has never been easier. Choosing this option for your data infrastructure, will allow you to reach the highest throughput speeds while also saving maximum space.

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