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If you have an open floor plan workspace with distracting noises or if you need to improve privacy in the workplace, you may want to consider a sound masking system. Many workplaces find that a sound masking system boosts productivity while also providing staff and customers with a higher level of privacy.

However, you’re probably wondering “how much do sound masking systems cost in 2022?” It is important to consider whether you’ll get a high enough return on your investment to make this technology worth the cost.

Since the cost is different for every business, we can’t give you a one-size-fits-all answer. However, we can give you a better idea of the costs and explain the next step to getting a free estimate for a sound masking system. Let’s discuss what a sound masking system can do for you and how much it will cost. That way, you can determine whether it’s likely to pay off for your business!

What a Sound Masking System Is

In this article, we’re talking about whole-office sound-masking systems. The sound system itself is installed in a central location within the building, and speakers are dispersed throughout the workspace to distribute continuous pink noise to every workstation. Pink noise is the most common type of noise used in office settings because it contains frequencies and patterns that can mask a variety of background noises.

What You Can Expect It to Sound Like

The pink noise is unobtrusive and indistinct. Instead of hearing the distracting and distinct sounds of people talking around you, keyboards tapping, and papers shuffling, you’ll hear a more muffled background sound. It’s a lot like how many people use a fan or a white noise machine to blur out city noises while they’re trying to sleep. The main difference is that it’s a carefully-thought-out stereo system that evenly distributes the same level of pink noise throughout the entire office area.

How Much the Average Sound Masking System Costs?

As with many things, the cost of a sound masking system depends on the size of the space where it will be installed. To get an even distribution of sound masking, you’ll need to have the site professionally surveyed and have a custom setup designed. In most cases, a sound masking system will set you back about $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot.

Getting a Warranty on Your Sound Masking System

When making any kind of technology investment, it’s often smart to get a warranty that will cover any repairs and maintenance you may need. This will be an additionally yearly cost on top of the installation costs, but it could save you in the long run! The average warranty for a sound masking system will cost roughly $1 per day. For many businesses, it is well worth it to not have to worry about their sound masking system breaking.

What You’ll Get Out of your New Sound Masking System?

Cost isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to ROI! You’ll also need to consider the benefits. The main benefits involve privacy, productivity, and worker satisfaction.

If you have been struggling with privacy concerns due to the possibility of people overhearing sensitive information, then a sound masking system can be far more cost-effective than building out private spaces in which to conduct these conversations. It can help your clients and your staff have sensitive conversations, worry-free. This is great in the healthcare industry, financial industry, and any other space where confidential conversations are frequently conducted.

If your employees’ productivity is suffering because of a noisy and distracting work environment, then the increase in productivity from sound masking can be incredibly beneficial to your bottom line. Plus, your employees will be happier and more satisfied when their work environment is a comfortable place to be.

How to Fit a Sound Masking System into Your Budget?

Sound masking systems aren’t too expensive for the average business, but if you’re on a tight budget, there are things you can do to reduce the cost. You may not need to install speakers in every area of the office. For example, stairwells, bathrooms, and mechanical rooms or closets won’t need sound masking. You will likely only need it in the open-plan section of your office, unless there are thin walls that make it necessary to install the system in individual offices.

Schedule Your Complimentary Site Survey Today with Telco Data

If you want to get an accurate estimate of how much a sound masking system would cost for your office, get in touch with us today to schedule a survey of your office building. We will measure the square footage and take your needs into consideration to ensure that you get the ideal sound masking system to maximize the ROI for your business. Then, we will provide you with an estimate of the total cost. We look forward to working with you!

FAQs About Sound Masking System For Office

What is a sound masking system?

A sound masking system distributes an unobtrusive level of “pink noise” throughout a workplace to muffle the background noise of the office. There’s a central sound system installed in the space, along with several speakers located strategically so that the sound can be heard at each workstation.

Is sound masking bad for business?

No, sound masking is not bad for business – it’s good for business! It is a long-term solution to boost productivity and privacy at a reasonably low cost. It can help improve job satisfaction for your employees. Plus, it’s a simple technology that is completely hands-off once it’s installed.

Why do offices use sound masking systems?

Most offices use sound masking systems when they have an open floor plan. It makes it easier for employees to tune out background noise, like other peoples’ conversations, so that they can get their own work done with fewer distractions.

How much do sound masking systems cost in Austin, TX?

The average cost of installing a sound masking system is anywhere from $1.50$2.00 per square foot of your space, which makes it a small investment with big returns! Get in touch with us today to schedule a survey of your office building to get an accurate estimate.

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