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Twenty years can pass quickly, especially when it comes to technology and telecommunications. Technology advances rapidly and as businesses move forward with those advancements, it can be amazing how quickly time seems to go by. In the past 20 years, telecommunications technology has advanced, and Telco Data has been proudly at the forefront of progress so that businesses can stay connected the way they need to be. After twenty years, the company has enjoyed success and wonderful client relationships and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

In twenty years, a lot has changed at Telco Data. Founded in 2001 by Stacy Tallent, Telco Data initially began its work providing premise-based phone system installation. When Layne Rouse joined the company in 2009, the reorganization of the company’s goals launched it into the fast-growing, successful company it is today. The company provides structured cablingsound masking systems, cloud-based business phone systems, office workstation setup services, server rack and stack services, audio visual solutions and internet data and voice services to all the Texas based small businesses to fulfill their business needs.

With a wide range of solutions for a wide range of needs, Telco Data can provide for any business to stay connected effectively. As telecommunications technology advances, Telco Data will continue to examine the ways the company can provide for the needs of its business clients.

One of the reasons Telco Data has been so successful over the last twenty years is because of the organization’s motto: “People before profits.” Telco Data strives to create a company culture that emphasizes the relationships built with clients and providing for their unique business telecommunications needs, even if that means passing on a sale. Every opportunity with clients is a chance to bring value to their businesses and cultivate a positive relationship. Technology can be intimidating, and the work Telco Data does with businesses is to ensure that telecommunications run smoothly every step of the way. Telco Data wants clients to have successful businesses, and high-quality telecommunications solutions is one way that the company can have a role in that success.

The Telco Data staff is also involved in every project. No projects are sub-contracted by the organization. Working on each project directly means the company can guarantee the quality of every project and will know exactly what is needed and how it is accomplished for each client. Telco Data does not rely on other companies to fill in gaps. Instead, the staff uses their knowledge and experience to create and install telecommunications systems unique to each client’s business and needs. Each project is analyzed with great care so there is no question about the scope and unique needs of the client. Every project gets the same care and attention so that each client is satisfied with the result.

To highlight the valuable work Telco Data has done over the last twenty years, the company has been featured in the Austin Business Journal. Along with a brief history of the company, the feature highlighted the good work that has been done since its founding in 2001 to provide high-quality connectivity through copper & fiber optic structured cabling, Sound Masking, Cell signal boosting, Business Phone Systems, and much more. With Telco Data’s comprehensive services, the organization has spent the last twenty years providing for the needs of other businesses’ telecommunications needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic made telecommunications technology even more important to businesses, and Telco Data was proud to provide for businesses’ needs to ensure their staff could continue operations in the midst of the pandemic. With more people working from home than ever before, effective communication has become essential to business success. Now, as society begins to move beyond the COVID-19 restrictions and paramaters, the staff at Telco Data is looking forward to once again meeting with clients face-to-face while continuing to provide for their telecommunications technology needs. With the ability to return to on-site meetings and in-person demonstrations, the Telco Data staff will be able to strengthen the business relationships with clients while providing telecommunications solutions.

Telecommunications technology is going to continue to advance, and Telco Data is committed to providing the best service available to clients. As new technologies develop and become available, the organization will ensure that our clients’ systems continue to provide high-quality solutions for their telecommunications needs. With a wide range of solutions and products available, Telco Data can create a comprehensive solution no matter what business needs you have for communications technology. From basic telephone systems to multi-site communications, Telco Data has the technology to help keep businesses in communication and operating smoothly.

Whether you want to improve your existing telecommunications system, add an audio-visual system, expand to accommodate your growing business or something else entirely, Telco Data can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business be more connected and successful.

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